Multiplication Games

As a homeschooling mom, I am always looking for great programs that make learning fun. Ones that my kids love doing and they don't even know it. This is absolutely one of those programs. I am absolutely amazed by these multiplication games from Big Brainz. You have to take a few seconds to check it out!!(click on the picture above)

Friday, November 12, 2010

Home Schooling Multiplication FUN!! Make learning the Times Tables FUN!!

The BEST Multiplication Game!

Children's Technology Review
"Editor's Choice Award"
Old Schoolhouse Magazine Review
"I saw an immediate improvement in their comprehension and retention of their multiplication tables."
SuperKids Educational Software Review
"A narrowly focused educational software program, cleverly disguised as a captivating video game."
Sr. Editor Old Schoolhouse Magazine
"I've never seen an 'educational video game' that plays like this."

This is an amazing fun game! Your children will be learning and not even know it! Don't let this one pass you by. Whether you homeschool or not this is the way to make learning the multiplication times table FUN! I highly recommend it...Dannah Rossignol ( Home Schooling Mom)

Cool Graphics!

Fun Challenging Levels!

Great Retention of Multiplication Facts!

Multiplication Games
Timez Attack has revolutionized multiplication games. It's as polished as a high-end real video game, yet as effective as a top math tutor one-on-one. The built-in assessment, adaptation, and post-test research data guarantee total mastery.
Click the Pictures above to Try out the game FREE!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Your children at home education vital importance

Often parents put considerable effort in selecting their children and make enormous sacrifices to earn enough money to send their children to College, because they know that a good education is one of the best ways to ensure a successful career and happy for their children and secure adult life law school. In many cases but with an emphasis on school and College led to overlook another element of critical importance for the education of the child - teach your children to the House of the parents.

A normal family life gives parents dozens of opportunities to teach children what they will find interesting and useful that the growth of and even if both parents are people occupied the careers of their own in many families today, you will be surprised just how it is easy to find time for your children if organize you your daily schedule.

Teach the children in the home is not a question of sit with them in the context of "school-like" official but requires that you look at the day-to-day operations and use them to provide your materials. Teach the children in the home must be boring either and if approached properly, can be great fun for parents and children.

A secret lies in thinking about what you do and the extent to which your children understand your activité.Par example, how many times have you rushed home from work to obtain in advance for your children to school and then sitting their in front of the TV while prepare you dinner?What will the process of reflection in your head? you've had a hard day and everything you want to do is to sit and relax, but first of all, you feed the children, so you get their feet so that you can get quickly, feed and then finally relax.

Thousands of parents presents every day and everybody misses accordingly.Why not try to do things differently.

First of all, you can start by getting the children to help prepare dinner instead of sitting glued to a zone of stupid.Send your children in the world to know how to boil an egg and toast and not another batch is not much help, but encouraging interested cooking provide them with necessary life skills considerably.

Secondly, it gives you and the children the opportunity to talk about - something lacking too many foyers.laisser your children tell you about their successes and failures in school, just listen to what is in their minds and allowing them to question you about your own experiences and ask your opinion is invaluable for the parents and the enfants.En in addition, you will be surprised by the number of problems, that can be avoided simply by knowing what your children what they think, how they feel.

Thirdly, it is the best way to relax! relaxation after a long day at work is not to say that at the bottom on the couch for an hour or two, it means simply giving you a change of the scène.Mettre your workday behind you and enjoy the company of your children are one of the best ways to relax after a long hard day at work.

There are literally hundreds of examples of things we do every day at home can turn into valuable lessons, help your children to develop and grow, where everyone will have fun at the same time.

Education is not only for school teachers and a lot of value to everyone involved in the teaching of children at home. covers a wide range of topics and provides advice on the children of parents, advice on single parenting children, adolescents, parental stage and the role of divorced parents parent role.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

4 of the most popular Home Schooling methods

The image of the greater part of education at home is 2 or 3 children sitting at the table in room dining, frantically writing in their notebooks. It's not the real situation. There are several methods of home schooling, and the method you choose will decide the equipment and the way you teach. Some of the most popular methods are discussed below.

The Charlotte Mason method:

Charlotte Mason is known as the founder of the movement education domicile.Une home schooled herself, she was very confident in its ability to plan a program for an effective education complete. A program that hold the interest of the children and still be educational.

This method focuses on the basics, with a focus on classical literature, poetry, fine arts, classical music, and craft. Mason used several of the books of classic literature. She has called these "living books '. This method promotes awareness of literature. Child is read daily of the «life books. Then, the child is invited to give an opinion on what has been read.This process begins at the age of six and ten child should write his views in his book.Mason also suggests the use of a log of the nature.Après each lesson short and interesting, the child is invited to go on a nature walk and draw the nature.ainsi observations child also gains a sense of respect for the environment. Mason believes that development of good character and behavior was essential to the full development of the personality of the child.

The Eclectic home schooling:

It is a mixture of various techniques of home schooling.Here, parents rely on their own judgement and identify the topics that are the best program for their child. Parents are continuously on the watch for the best product that meets the needs of their current home .the studies more eclectic home schooling are improvisés.Cela means that the core curriculum is provided. The parents then changes in the curriculum to meet the needs and interests of their children.Gifts childrens, fleeting, learning style and interests determine curriculum studies. eclectic programs include visits to museums, libraries and plants.


A public educator name Boston John Holt laid the beginnings of the unschooling method.He believed that children learn better when they are free to learn at their own pace and when they are guided by their own interests.His message was 'unschool' of the child.

This method is a practical approach to learning, where the parent takes specific clues the enfants.Il has no definitive program schedules or materials.This method is the most structured homeschooling techniques.

The Montessori method:

This method began in Italy, when it was observed that children have acute, during which they undergo periods of concentration intense.Au sensitive periods during these phases, a child will repeat activity until he won a measure of complacency .the Montessori method is based on an environment prepared to facilitate prices.all learning materials used in this method are designed to meet the internal spiritual childhood .the materials progress from the simple to the complex development desire and are rather expensive.

It's some of the methods of homeschooling.Quelle method, the underlying factor is the flexibility and a keen interest in the child's .the secret wishes is to use knowledge childrens desire to continue his studies.

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Give lessons in music as a home business

The music is very specific to the human race. While the other animal species sing songs couplings, no other animal plays instruments to create music. Music is an oral form of human culture that can be taught and transmitted through generations. For any good musician who has knowledge on how to play an instrument, teaching others can be a very lucrative business.

Other people to play in teaching instruments can be done in the comfort of a House.Teaching music at home, an instructor can save money and avoid some of the communes opposed studio.Les teaching students can come home from the musician and will not be as easily distracted, allowing students and instructor to concentrate on lesson plans.

Another great aspect of house music education is that a teacher can configure the best environment to promote learning .parce House is the personal space of the musician, it can be rearranged or sounds soundproofed so as to offer the maximum potential of game. Hear the music the way it is supposed to be played can really help students to develop an ear for music.

Offering lessons in music at home too many other avantages.lorsque travelling to various appointments, the instructor lost time in the day of transport. When students come from the instructor, he or she can then plan people closer together giving more of their time in the day.More time can result in higher profits because you can teach a volume higher than people.

There are several advantages to teach music to a House.The teacher does not have to spend money and time on the gas to and from various appointments and to a student in a musically environmental will stimulate learning if you're a good musician, an excellent way to make extra spending cash is to teach the law of the lesson in your own home.

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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Teach your children to home school how Money Count with this game of money

Home schooling your children may seem overwhelming with what you have to teach them. But if you take the time to make a plan you'll have everything covered easily and teaching them what they need to know in life.

One of the most basic as you teach your children things is to count the money.This can be done when they begin just school it is somehow easier to teach and learn quickly.

A way to teach them about money is a game of it. Some available change and let them earn change when asked a question. Each issue to a different value. An example would be the number 1 question would 3 cents worth. Draw money to enable them to choose the three hundred and if they do it correctly the first time, they get to keep the money.Have prizes at the end of the game, so that they can buy items new counting money buy you fleet back will show them how effective with their realization that they learn. For them, it is only a game but they learn to count the money.

A difference counting game money would be to start the with their own money pot, then if they get the answer wrong, that they should bring back your money.Each question is added to their pot déduire.À the end of the game, you want to still be available for the purchase price and authorizing it to earn their prices.

Using games to learn more about money is much easier to get free money worksheets, and you try to add papier.Ce interactive game money will be a learning tool very into your home school.

It doesn't have to be expensive to school your child home there is a lot of free resources in ligne.Vous can home school economically by releasing resources for homeschooling.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Teaching children the importance of a "Thank you" note

Childhood is the ideal time to express the importance of verbal say thank you and begins to write notes. If children, they began the Act of writing notes feels natural for boys and girls, and becomes second nature to adulthood. Teach children at a young age the importance of writing thank you notes is more fair to good manners. It is also a way to help them to learn more about the generosity and appreciating the kindness of others. Of course, in this era electronic communications and virtually every child has access to a computer, they think the best way of sending a "Thank you" note is to send one via email. It is better that no "thank you" notes at all, it is better to teach how them to write a note that is offered by the postal service.

We all know, children learn by watching. If the parent is good about sending greeting cards and thank you notes, it is much easier to teach children. Let me join you as you write your cards and your notes. Explain the them why you are doing this activity. Then, when it is their turn to send a note, set aside some quiet time to work with them and show them that you y to guide them as they put their thoughts on paper.Make a habit of time after each occasion where they receive gifts to sit down and write their notes merci.Vous will create a habit in your child will last a lifetime and repay many benefits them more late in life — both personally and professionally.

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Work at home online teaching

It is an area that offers continuous opportunities for desktops at home, where everything that you need is an Internet connection and a computer. No software at all. This is necessary in order to teach people everywhere where they are located around the world. At the same time, you must be trained and qualified to work as a teacher online because it is more likely that requires is not the same qualifying education in a school program or a local college.

Work at home among all jobs, online teaching is a job with the slightest chance is scamming because most of you have in your state colleges also offer online courses and therefore if you work for one of them, stand you a good chance to make a good sum of money. The same qualities that you would need if teaching at a local school are required.For example, working as a Professor of Lyceum online, would require you a Bachelor's degree in education while teaching at the college level, a master's degree will be requirement minimale.Pour teach at the University level, nothing less than a Ph.d. is necessary.

Online teaching jobs are not confined to teachers who are qualified in the profession. Other working professionals can also teach in areas related to their careers. Works as a teacher online means that even if you work for a school located in another State you do not have to move. You can do at home.One of the best ways to get a job as a teacher online to submit your resume to agencies and offices that connect teachers with the élèves.Cela is generally carried out electronically and free of charge too. When there is work, you notified by e-mail and if your qualifications are ok, you will be offered in the workplace.

It should be easy to find teaching jobs because they are usually posted by the schools of their Web sites.Sometimes, they are displayed in conventional teaching faculties at prendre.Parfois, there are jobs posted online that are specifically for people who only want to teach online.

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